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30 March 2006 @ 11:43 am
i <3 carlow  
I had been seriously considering transferring to Pitt, and this caused me to really evaluate how I feel about my school.
While yes, I have indeed been fucked over by them- probably 10x harder than most people- I've let it go and decided to think about how I feel about the school right now, because all that drama is behind me and thats where I want to keep it.
This is what I decided:
    I love that my school is small. It can be annoying trying to explain to people that Carlow is infact a University, in Pittsburgh, with many really good specialty programs. I think that we sometimes believe that our school sucks because it isn't as well-known as the other area schools- but that isn't true. It's just smaller so there is less to cover.

    I like being able to get to know my teachers. I know nearly every biology and chemistry professor well, and some personally, without going out of my way to do so. Also, it's nice that when I needed a letter of recomendation last week I had to narrow down who I'd ask, and I didn't feel uncomfortable asking.

    AJP is amazing, but yeah, the other buildings are old- but who else can say they go to class in a reconstructed church? The architecture is really amazing oncampus and I think we take that for granted sometimes. And if that doesn't suit you, take three seconds and walk across the street- just because you're not taking most of your classes here doesn't mean you can't use the facilities. Best of both.

    Now, I do not live in the dorms. I did, but now I don't. Dorms anywhere suck- the dormatory part of Carlow is little reflection on the actual school. That goes for the cafe too. My bfs dorms at pitt were a lot worse than ours and had little to no order.

This is all from a 2nd year Bio-Major perspective.
So to wrap it up: Come to Carlow, major in science, and don't live in the dorms.
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ackeber on March 30th, 2006 08:48 am (UTC)
new layout!
schadenfreude #242: bettie mermaidancilla on June 15th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)
"So to wrap it up: Come to Carlow, major in science, and don't live in the dorms."

well said!!

(former carlow chem major, graduated '04, lived in the dorms for 3 years too many, haha)